Lush Madness

July 26, 2013

I recently went from a girl who always wondered what was the big deal about Lush to a Lush ADDICT. I was busy looking for a new mask because my holy grail mask decided to stop selling in Singapore. It was horrifying but after reading reviews online, I realised that Lush masks have received a fair amount of positive comments. So being very curious and desperate, I decided to give it a try...

Love Lettuce
The next day I immediately went to an outlet near my working area and asked for a recommendation. I often get tiny bumps underneath my skin which is annoying because it's not a pimple that could be simply be removed by a pimple cream or which I will not encourage, popping. So I was recommended Love Lettuce. Perfect for those with oily skin and/or skin allergies.

The first time I opened the package, it smelled weird to me but not too overwhelming. I know the name mentions lettuce but really, there is no lettuce at all. It's just a mix of kaolin, lavender oil, almond oil and a bunch of other ingredients. Most of these items are mostly natural ingredients that will aid in extracting excess sebum from your face.

I like the feeling while washing it off, it feels like I'm exfoliating at the same time so I can skip my daily facial scrub for that day. After removing it, the effect is almost immediate. My skin feels smoother but not tight like what other masks will make you feel. Just the right amount of smoothness which makes you want to touch your face over and over again. Creepy, I know right?

The only downside to this is, like any other Lush products, the price is quite steep as compared to other masks. I got this for $25 a 75g tub. A tub can be used for 7 times or so, depending on how much you use at a time. Also, there is an expiry date to their masks. If you don't use it within a month, you're going to be welcome by a tub of mouldy substance.

Grease Lightning

What I realised about pimple treatment creams is that they are either too strong or never work. Which sucks because whenever you get a pimple, all you need is something that can magically wipe it off within 24 hours. Or at most 2 days. 

In my 22 years of living, I've jumped from one cream to another. I also tried all sorts of homemade remedy such as the toothpaste, baking soda etc etc. It all worked. For a few months before my skin got used to the formula. Sadly, the same goes for Grease Lightning Spot Treatment. It worked for a few weeks before the pimples learnt how to fight back and stay on my face. By the way, it costs a hearthbreaking amount of money for a tiny, tiny bottle - $21.

A word of advice: DON'T BOTHER. 
Sweet Lips Lip Scrub
Initially, I wanted to try their infamous Popcorn Lip Scrub but it was sold out at that point of time. So I got Sweet Lips instead which smells like chocolate. 

Not many people know that in order to have healthy looking lips, you need to scrub it at least once a day. If you're lazy to get one of these scrubs, use the toothbrush, sister. As for me, I prefer a scrub. For $20 (no kidding) a tub, this will last you forever (or until the expiry date, of course) and is edible. No, really. If you have the time, go make one yourself. Brown sugar + vanilla essence + jojoba/olive oil and ta-dah! I got it when it was $14. Still a tad too expensive but what the heck? I'm a cosmetic junkie. This is as essential as water.

In conclusion, only buy Lush products if you're willing to spend. My only repeat purchase was Love Lettuce because it works as expected. I might try their other products like facial cleanser or shampoos. I will blog about it if I happen to get any.

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