CHANEL Perfection Lumiere

August 23, 2013
I did say that this is on my wishlist, right? So I got it the next day. ;) Like I said, I'm just in search for a new holy grail foundation and honestly, I found it. I swatched once and walked around to see how it will end up a few hours later.

The first thing you notice when you pump a drop onto your hand is the smell. It gives out this sweet, perfume smell. It is fine for me but a lot of people find it a nuisance.

I wore this on the first day of raya and it looked horrible. It couldn't cover any of my acne scars. The next day, I tried it on again and this time, after one layer, I dab a few more on the acne scars. If any of you ask, I don't own any concealer currently because normally, my foundation can cover them all. So it came as a shock when this one couldn't. Bottom line is, this foundation has a medium coverage but buildable.


Once you put it on, it will dry up into a matte finish. Since I have slightly oily skin, I like my face matte instead of dewy. But if you like a dewy finish, you can always add a little highlighter or luminizer to your cheek bones.

One of the advantages of this is that it lasts the whole day. I didn't notice any oxidization but I did get a shade lighter than my skintone which is 40 Beige. It did get a little oily at the usual spots but it wasn't so bad. It didn't even crease too.

Best part is that I didn't experience any breakout. I was so afraid that will clog my pores since my face didn't get shiny that much. But thank God, it was all good.

The part I hate the most is the price. I got this for $80 a bottle. But I bet it can last you for at least 2 months. So why not?

Are you planning to try this one?
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