Eid 2013

August 11, 2013

Before I start on my post, I would like to wish every Muslim reader a blessed Eid this year. Hope you all managed to do your best for Ramadhan and had a good Eid celebration. It was good for us, especially the food! Can't give that one a skip!

Scarf: Online
Baju Kurung: A small boutique in Woodlands
Clutch: Zalora
Heels: H&M

This was my first day outfit. I've always believed in affordability and I have never found the need to get an expensive outfit for Eid because I only wear it once or twice. So my mum bought the girls in our family the same outfit with different kain. One set was below $50, believe it or not.

Dress: Online
Clutch: Zalora
Heels: H&M

The clutch is a staple for me. Love it, love it, love it! First day I used it as a clutch and the second day I put the chain strap on. For first time customers, you can get it at 15% off from Zalora using the code ZBAPaS1

Scarf: Online
Dress: Tuty Humairah
Heels: Payless 

This is my favourite outfit out of all 3 because this one is simple and the hot weather wasn't a nuisance in this one. I spotted the heels at Payless yesterday and saw this pump heels for $39.90. How can I not have it?! It's comfortable too!

Did you have a favourite out of all of your 2013 outfit? 
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