New Skincare Routine: Mario Badescu

August 26, 2013

As promised, today I'm going to blog about my latest skincare routine which involves Mario Badescu products. Now, I'm not saying I'm using any other skincare products because I'm still using my masks from Dewytree and Lush as well as Alpha-H Liquid gold. But this is what I use frequently.

I know this brand is not new but if you just look at the price they are selling at Sephora, you'll be wondering why it took me so long to consider using this brand. I'm just here to help the girls who were like me to decide on whether it's worth the money.
What I am currently using:

  1. Acne Facial Cleanser
  2. Special Cucumber Lotion
  3. Oil Free Moisturiser
Alternate Nights
  1. Drying Lotion
  2. Buffering Lotion
  • Acne Facial Cleanser will never strip off your face natural moisture which is good so your skin won't end up dry.
  • Special Cucumber Lotion will remove any excess makeup that is not removed by the cleanser. It also disinfects your acne.
  • Oil Free Moisturiser will leave your face feeling matte. This moisturiser won't make your skin feel sticky or oily after it sets in.
  • Drying Lotion will cure your pimples that comes with whitehead.
  • Buffering Lotion will reduce the redness of your cystic acne overnight.
Every morning, I'll wash my face with Acne Facial Cleanser. Then I use Special Cucumber Lotion as a toner and Oil Free Moisturiser before I put on any makeup. In the evening, if I am not using Alpha-H Liquid Gold, I'll put on a face mask and then put Buffering Lotion on any of my cystic acne or drying lotion on my pimples with whiteheads. I also use Buffering Lotion under my makeup if I have any acne to cure.

Verdict: I don't think I will go for any acne treatment routine again. I will stick to this one till it stops working for my skin which I bet it won't. After 2 weeks of using Mario Badescu, my face has finally cleared up (no more tiny, tiny bumps and not many cystic acne) and my acne scars are starting to fade too. I think Alpha-H Liquid Gold also helps me on that part.

Of course, pimples do pop up once in a while to remind me to slow down the makeup part but all is good. For the price part, you don't have to worry because my favourite online store Luxola offers these products at a cheaper price. They also sell in value sets for example, Acne Facial Cleanser + Special Cucumber Lotion at $52 here. Won't be too painful for your wallet. ;)

I am planning to try their face masks, scrubs and eye cream next. Have you tried any of their products?
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