RiRi Woo + Afghan Red + Revlon PhotoReady Kajal Intense Eyeliner/Brightener

September 15, 2013

Didn't I mention that I would buy RiRi Woo from RiRi ♥ MAC collection in this post? Of course I wouldn't let the chance slip away when I saw that someone was organising a mini spree for MAC official website! And one lipstick is not enough in a month...

RiRi Woo

I have dry lips and matte lipsticks will NEVER work on me. Well, at least that was what I thought. So it took me quite a while to decide if I should really get this one. For $28.50 this is worth the price. Ever since I received this in my mailbox I can't stop wearing it. On working days, I normally like wearing my nude lipsticks but of course, when I received RiRi Woo I ended up wearing it.

The colour surprisingly suits me. But Rihanna did promise that it would suit everyone. So, she didn't lie. Also, the colour is so pigmented, it will last the whole day. I normally touch up because I only want to remind myself that I have RiRi Woo on my lips. ^^ It also didn't dry up my lips like what most matte lips products would do.

The only downside is, you can't find this in Singapore. :(

Afghan Red

This one was an impulse buy. I just walked into NARS to find a gift for a friend but ended buying one lipstick for myself. Afghan Red is a deep pink shade with a hint of red. This one is perfect for a day out. Not too heavy. Just pair it up with a simple eye makeup and you're good to go!
Unlike RiRi Woo, as stated in the photo above, Afghan Red gives off a satin finish, which means there's a little bit of gloss in it. I had to apply a couple of layers before it looked like what I have on my lips in the picture because it's not that pigmented. I also had to re-apply after a couple of hours.

Conclusion: Not a big fan. Perhaps I should try their semi-matte lipsticks next.

Revlon PhotoReady Kajal Intense Eyeliner/Brightener

I was looking for a nude liner one day and chanced upon this. I couldn't exactly remember the price but I know it was not too expensive. It glides easy and I love to put the nude one on my waterline. It makes my eye looks healthier.

But this doesn't stay the whole day! By 4pm, it will smudge and I will need to remove it and re-apply. Recommended? Maybe for the price. But if you want something long-lasting, this is not the one.

Alright, that's what I have for today. More coming up soon! Hope everyone had a good weekend!
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