September 24, 2013

Not sure about all of you but I love satin. I can't resist the sight of the soft, shiny texture of satin. Cool and silky, it's one of the best material to be worn.

When I first shown this skirt by my sister, I went "NO!" only because I thought it was a little too...much. We were going somewhere casual. A few days after I decided to give the skirt a try and I got addicted right after that. I keep pairing it with different tops and love how it adds a little classiness to a simple day outfit.

Scarf: Online
Vintage Top: Bangkok
Satin Skirt: Online
Cat Tote Bag: Flea
Shoes: Thrifted

By the way, I just grabbed another satin skirt last week. It arrived in the mail earlier and I think this won't be my last time buying a satin skirt. Another satin OOTD soon, perhaps? ;)

Before I end this post, here's a fun fact: use a satin bed sheet to wake up to silky, soft hair the next morning. Till next time! Have a good week ahead. x

3 comments on "Satin"
  1. Hi babe! Which online shops do you usually buy your chiffon or satin shawls from?

    1. Salam dear! You can try! They have great varieties of high quality shawls. :)

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