Philosophy's Be Your Best BB Cream SPF 30 pa++

October 20, 2013
On normal working days, I try not to put on any foundation on my face. We all know it's not something you should put on your face daily.

I've been using Philosophy's Be Your Best BB Cream SPF 30 pa++ for months now and I must say it's one of the perfect BB creams for my skin.

If you have oily/combination skin like mine, I'm sure a lot of BB creams will break you out after a few uses. I had that issue before and I steered clear of BB creams for quite a while until the MUA at Sephora recommended me this when I asked for a tinted moisturiser that will work well on my oily face.

True enough, this never broke me out. It does make me shiny after noon but a quick fix with your favourite translucent lose powder will solve that. So make sure you have that in your bag every single time!

Another problem that made me fear BB creams was the colour. I have medium tan skin and most BB creams just cater to fair skin girls. Although some promises that it will match your skin tone as soon as you put it on your face, none actually worked for me. I looked chalky as soon as I put it on.

Be your Best BB Creams have two shades - light and medium. Obviously medium is better for me and I apply it with my Real Techniques Stippling Brush. I know my brush looks disgusting in the photo because that was before I washed it. 

This is after blending using my Real Technique Stippling Brush. Yup it looks as if I have nothing on my hand! It blends exactly as I wanted. 

Staying power wise, I love how it stays for hours. Like I said, all I needed was a quick powder fix once or twice.

It also has a light texture and you won't feel like you have a chunk of makeup on top of your skin. You can sweat and all, but it is still there.But with light texture, it means that it has a light coverage. It's not exactly sheer but with a stippling brush, you can build up the coverage. If you have dark circles or some blemishes, just cover up with a little concealer.

4 comments on "Philosophy's Be Your Best BB Cream SPF 30 pa++"
  1. Tiq, can you do a review of your RT brush(es)? Would love to read that!

  2. Can you do a make up tutorial plssss? :P

    1. Anonymous: Hi! InsyaAllah. I am planning to do one. :)


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