My Top Skincare Tips

December 11, 2013
A lot of girls commented that I have "flawless" skin which I beg to differ. Before this, I couldn't go on a week without a cystic pimple somewhere on my forehead. It definitely took a lot of patience before got better. It is definitely not flawless, though.

A couple of tips to share:
  • Wash twice daily with the perfect cleanser for you
  • Use a face sponge. Besides helping to clean/exfoliate your face better, it will also reduce your facial cleanser usage because you only need a bit to foam
  • Moisturise! And this does not only apply to dry skin. Oily skin too. But make sure you use the right moisturiser. For my oily skin, I use Mario Badescu Moisturiser for oily skin.
  • Put on a mask at least once a week
  • If you have the cash, go for a facial every month
  • Wash your make up as soon as you get home, don't sleep with it
  • Sleep at least 6 hours, you don't need eyebags under your eyes
  • Last, but definitely not least, drink lots of water!
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