Washing your brushes with the Solid Blender Cleanser

December 30, 2013

You know how fast makeup brushes get dirty and icky. I can't go on a week without washing my brushes. You know it's getting too dirty when you feel like your foundation is not going to your face but instead it just gets stuck inside the brush. It will also get difficult to move your brush around your face.

If you don't wash it often, bacteria will breed, causing pimples and other skin problems. One of the ways to reduce acne is to wash your brushes often.

I used to wash my brushes with my hair conditioner and one day I realised it doesn't wash the makeup off properly. So one day I realised Luxola was selling the Beauty Blender with their new brush cleanser! I tried their liquid brush cleanser before but it was messy for me, so I decided to stop using it.

The total cost of the Beauty Blender + Solid Blender Cleanser is $49.90. But Luxola is always offering discounts and such, you can get it cheaper most of the time!

I will show you how to use the Solid Blender Cleanser just below this cut...

This is how disgusting my Real Technique brush looks before I wash it. Yikes!

1. Put your brush under a running tap for a few seconds to make sure it's wet.

2. Swirl the brush around the soap for a few times. And put the brush under running tap water again, while massaging it slowly to push all products out. 

3. Repeat steps until you get a clean brush like this! It's so easy, isn't it?

What is your favourite blush cleanser?
2 comments on "Washing your brushes with the Solid Blender Cleanser"
  1. what about the dirt that is now sitting on the brush cleanser? how do you clean it off?

    1. To anon: Hi dear. You can rinse the soap with water after that and leave it to try. :)


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