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January 12, 2014

One of the biggest skin problem I have is how big and visible my pores are. It gets worse if it's clogged. It annoys me so much because with huge pores, make up won't go on smoothly on my face. And knowing how much of a big makeup fan I am, this is a disadvantage at times.

So I rely so much on products like masks, nose strips and setting sprays. I am a huge fan of nose strips. It clears out the blackheads on my nose so easily. So imagine my delight when I received 2 sets of Charcoal Nose Strips to try out!

Nesura Charcoal Nose Strips

The first thing I noticed when I open the packaging is the smell and how perfectly cut out it is to fit your nose better.

What I normally do is to wear a clay mask before I put on a nose strip. It will actually makes it easy for the nose strips to clear the whiteheads or blackheads. After washing the clay mask off, dry off the face and leave a little moist on your nose because you need the moist to stick the strips.

And this is the result! See how dirty my nose is.

  • Minty Feeling
  • Dries up quickly
  • Fits nicely on the nose
  • Light herbal scent
SNP Charcoal Nose Strips

I waited a few days before I try this one out. I want to see how much dirt this nose strip can remove compared to Nesura's. 

Again, I tried with the same clay mask before I put this on. With the same amount of moist left on my nose, I put this one on and it was tough getting it to stick on my nose. Perhaps, it didn't need any moisture at all?

It took longer for SNP's to dry up and even after it dries up, I still had black stains on my nose area which means, it didn't dry up properly.

And the result!

And yes, there is nothing much there. I don't know what I did wrong but I followed exactly what I normally do before I put on my nose strips.

  • Dries up slowly, too slowly in fact
  • Not as easy to fit onto the nose
  • Leaves a lot of black residue on your face

Obviously I prefer Nesura Charcoal Nose Strips to SNP Charcoal Nose Strips. It gave me a better satisfaction after using it since it removed most of the clogged dirt on my nose.

Till next time! xx

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