Black Timberlands

May 15, 2014

The lack of updates only mean one thing - I am just lazy. I hope everyone reading is doing pretty well, insyaAllah.

I recently received my Timberlands I got from a friend's blogshop which recently re-opened. You all have to head there and show some love because you can't find boots at rates like that. A good deal, indeed.

White Shirt: Thrifted
Black Dress: H&M
Shawls: Scarlet_love_shawls @ IG
Leather Bag: Carousell
Socks: H&M Men's
Timberlands: Eipsy

I didn't realise there was a slit on the sides of the dress so I paired it up with some long funky socks! The Timberlands were an awesome fit. I have always wanted one but never got around to buying because it was a little bit on the expensive side and I didn't really know if it would suit me. I have came up with a couple of outfits on my Polyvore that will match my boots. Will post them up the next time, insyaAllah. ^^

I was a bit skeptical at first, that it might be a wrong size but guess I'm just a lucky girl! Here's a rough size guide to refer to:

Alternatively, you can just drop by an outlet and give it a try! That's safer too. By the way, there are Dr Marts too. Click the banner below to lead yourself to my girl's shop! Till then xx. 

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