SLEEK MAKEUP Creme to Powder Foundation

May 01, 2014

A few months back I saw a review on Sleek Makeup Creme to Powder Foundation and decided to do a little research. I was sceptical of this product before this, afraid it might break me out. So I was surprise when people gave so many positive reviews in terms of coverage, how lasting it is and how cheap it is. So I took a risk and tried it.
My MUFE HD Foundation was doing so well but it's a little bit of a heartache every time I swipe my debit to purchase it. I was looking for a cheaper alternative and this one haven't disappoint me at all.

Like the name states, it has this creamy texture to it and once you put it on your face, just use a Beauty Blender or a foundation brush to blend it into your skin. I know it came with a sponge but we all know how useless it is as a blending tool, so I use it to touch up when I'm outside.

The thing about this foundation, once you put it in your hand, it will heat up for a bit, making it easier to blend. But you need to blend quick or else it will dry up. Once blended, it gives this dewy complexion that everyone is dying to have.


I have to say, I didn't expect the coverage to be this impressive. (I just realised I must have put very very little expectation for this product, haha.) It covers my acne scars and uneven skin tone so well that I can actually even survive without concealer.

Staying Power
It gets a little oily by the 6th hour but a little bit of powder will do the trick. It won't crease and sink into your pores so easily too.

We all know by now how much I love Luxola. That was the place which introduced me to a whole lot of makeup brands not available locally. So you know, obviously I got it there. There are not many shades available yet but I'm sure most of us asians can find one that suits us best.

It is available for $22 each. I got mine 2 months ago and it's still surviving!

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I will upload my face routine some time next week and I will be using Creme to Powder foundation in that video. So keep a lookout for that!

Till then xx
9 comments on "SLEEK MAKEUP Creme to Powder Foundation"
  1. What shade is your foundation? :)

  2. yey i have been wanting to ask what foundation you use ! thank you for sharing , you look flawless as ever ! (:

    1. Welcome. Love this one. Coverage is super! And it's not heavy or clog your pores. ^^

  3. im not sure what shade to get. :( whats your skin tone like?

    1. Hey girl, I'm tanned. So I got a shade lighter than my face which is Bamboo to match my neck and chest.

  4. my skin colour is lighter than tanned. can you suggest which shade for me to get? :)

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