[Advertorial] NIVEA In-Shower Whitening Skin Conditioner

June 30, 2014

So I recently made a post that I was about to unveil something great and the day is finally here! You know NIVEA always come up with different products to make your skin be at it's best. I'm a big fan of their lotions because it gives a quick moisturising fix to my skin...

Have you ever wondered, if there is such thing as an in-shower hair conditioner, why is there no such things as in-shower skin conditioner? So NIVEA, of course, created not one type, but two! One for normal skin and the other for dry skin.

Recently, they came up with a whitening version because why not? It's brilliant! I am naturally a tanned kinda girl and honestly, I love it. But I want to be tanned and have healthy looking skin, not dull. So a little whitening is definitely needed.

The first thing I noticed was the smell, it has a sweet smell which of course is my favourite! And it has a slightly thicker consistency as compared to the usual shower gel. A little bit like a typical lotion. But not too thick that you can't wash it off.

As instructed, I use this after shower gel. I don't use this daily but like 2-3 times a week. I think a bottle (250ml) can last you about a month or two depending on the use.

What I noticed after I stepped out of the shower is, the softness of my skin! It is really unbelievable. This helps a lot if you have dry patches. It will make make it less dry. And I am sure, with frequent use, it will improve your skin condition.

I will need to use the whole bottle first to see the whitening effect. There is a slight change, but I hope it can do more! I will update soon.

In the meantime, join their Instagram contest! Simply go to this link here to get free samples and download the brochure and post a photo like mine below with the hashtag: #NIVEASG #InShowerRevolution

You will stand a chance to win $500 Shopping Vouchers and $80 NIVEA Hampers! So do join me and enter this contest! Till the next post! xx
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