[ADVERTORIAL] Satin, satin and more satin.

June 07, 2014

Just received a few skirts from Awliyah Chic and I was so excited to wear them out! This piece I am wearing is the satin flare skirt and just look at it's gorgeous purple shade...

Top: Uniqlo
Denim Vest: Thrifted
Satin Flare Skirt: Awliyah Chic
Bag: Kuala Lumpur
Shoes: Womens Superstar 2 Lace Trainer

Eid is coming and I realised these satin skirts I have can be used as a bottom for my baju kurung to give them a fresh look. See how versatile these skirts are. 

Also, I managed to grab these babies with a 10% discount. Been eyeing on the white ones but who cares, I'll grab that one later!

Till the next post xx
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