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July 15, 2014

Everyone agrees that Singapore is a very tiring and stressful place to work in. Each Singaporean will go through at least one stressful period of time in a year. Sometimes, all you need is a good eye massage or a steam bath or...can you have both? In the office?

I was given a chance to try out this new product that was just launched in Singapore. MegRhythm specialises in offering products for busy people like you and me in keeping a healthy and active lifestyle.

We often get problems such as tired eyes and insomnia. Most of you will be like me, staring at the laptop/mobile for long hours. Ugh, a nightmare which can't be avoided.

All I need is that quick fix for a simple perk-me-up. MegRhythm came up with a simple steam eye mask which is an innovative self-warming steam eye mask that relieves and relaxes your hardworking eyes. It will heat up to 40℃ the moment it comes in contact with air. Once you put it on your eyes, you will feel the heat gradually spreading. The steam will moisten the eye area, it really feels like you are giving your eyes a lovely steam bath. After 10 minutes, you will feel good!

The best thing about this mask is that, it is compact and easy to use. You can bring this to your office and use it if you feel tired. I use this when I get home from work, after I remove my makeup. Definitely helps me feel a little fresher.

You can grab this mask exclusively at Guardian or Watsons for just $6.50. Each box contains 5 masks. They have 4 different variants which you can choose: Fresh rose, Chamomile, Lavender and Unscented. You can also request for free samples from their official website here.

My personal favourite so far is the Lavender mask! It gives me a relaxed feeling, especially after a long day at work attending to customers and looking at my phone non-stop. Been using this for a week now and I am so getting more once I have run out. This, shall be a staple for me.

Here's the fun part! They are holding an Instagram contest which will give you a chance to win a Relaxation Kit worth $50! How?

  1. Follow@MegRhythmSG MegRhythmSG on instagram instagram
  2. Share with us a photo of yourself using #MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask in the most unique position and tell us what you like about our MegRhythm SteamEye Mask
  3. Tag @MegRhythmSG & hashtag #MegRhythm in your caption
The contest ends on 31 July 2014. Winners will be selected and announced via MegRhythmSteam Eye Mask instagram (@MegRhythmSG) on 7th August 2014.

Good luck! Till the next post xx
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