August Updates

August 25, 2014

Hey girls, I hope all of you are doing fine. I'm writing yet another blog post on "updates". There are just so many exciting things happening, so I have to make new posts once in a while to give you girls heads up every now and then. I hope I can do this monthly.

Modest Street Fashion Contest #2

I recently entered a Facebook contest. If you are on Facebook, kindly vote for me! Thank you in advance!

Facebook Page

I just created a new Facebook page with the purpose to update you girls so the updates can spread out between my Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Also, I am keeping my main Facebook account personal, although some posts are public.

So like this page to get updates on and Market By Automatiqhigh:

Mailing List

Another way to be kept updated is by joining the mailing list at the bottom of my blog. You will receive an email once I put up a blog post:

Market By Automatiqhigh

I have 3 preorders up, currently. ALL by popular demand. So make sure you check them out. Hop on to Market By Automatiqhigh for makeup preorders! I am also looking for other products to bring in. If you girls have any ideas, leave a comment or email me! I am always open to new ideas.

For those who are interested to do a collaboration/partnership, leave me and email at
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