Ka Bloom // Re-launch of The Sample Store

September 30, 2014

So recently I was invited to the re-launch of The Sample Store. Not sure if you all know but I'm actually a Sample Store blogger and most of my advertorials are by them.

I came quite early, because I had plans right after that. So I came to register and got a heavy goodie bag. I was really shocked that it was that heavy? As compared to other events' goodie bags.

I was led to a booth and apparently, we were supposed to go to each booth and get a stamp to receive another goodie bag worth $50 as well as get a chance to win a lucky draw. I managed to complete all in 2 hours.

The rest of the time I was just hanging around, drinking my lemon tea and eating some desserts. Oh, I also bumped into Si Hui and I think my reaction was funny because I didn't think anyone would recognised me there. But well, she IS the social media executive who manage the seeders, what did I expect?

I came home and took out all the goodies and I was going "omg" at every single thing hahaha. Some were not even sample sizes but full-sized products! I will take some time to review them.

In the mean time, I realised I have WAY too many samples at home. So I am giving away a box of them. Just submit your entries below and you will be chosen at random! Good luck girls. xx

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