6 Favourite YouTube Beauty Gurus

October 09, 2014

Someone asked me on my Ask.fm a few days back who are my favourite YouTube Beauty Gurus, so I thought why not I just list it down here and you girls can bookmark or subscribe to them. I have more than 5 to be honest but it would take me a lot of time to list down every single one of them.

Jaclyn Hill

My number one girl on YouTube. I squeal every time I get to know she uploaded a video. She's the person you will get comfortable with the moment you watch her video. Which means it makes it easier for you to understand her tutorials. She also gives the best recommendations. My Sigma F80? My Gerard Cosmetics lipsticks? Well, she was the one who made me buy them.

Desi Perkins

If you are looking for classy and dewy but simple makeup looks, Desi Perkins give the best. I don't know who else creates the best dewy face.

Nicole Guerriero

She's the girl who is a fan of bright makeup looks and it looks so good on her, you would be curious to give it a try too! If you are a fan of "favourites videos" (September Favourites etc), this is the channel you should watch. Every little thing she shows in the video, I know I must have them!

Batalash Beauty

I get mesmerised by her eyes every time I watch her videos. She looks good in every possible lipstick shade - from light to dark. And can we just look at and appreciate her perfect brows??


Whatever looks good on her, will look good on someone with tanned skin (that's me) and she always mix products from both high-end brands to drugstore brands. So you don't have to splurge too much on new products!


I just love listening to her accent. This girl makes it easier for dark skin girls to know which lipstick or eyeshadow shades suit them.

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