December 22, 2014

Black Paint is an organic skincare brand established in Kyoto 15 years ago by Miyuki Maeda. Combining ancient wisdom of beauty secrets, modern bacteriology and contemporary natural & organic lifestyle, Miyuki has successfully found the formula to solve skin problems rooting from skin pores by leveraging on the power of nature.

Based on this concept, Black Paint skincare products are made from natural, organic materials which are blended from more than 100 types of plant oils, more than 50 types of essential oils and Kishu Binchotan Charcoal, all known to have powerful beauty effects since ancient times. No longer using synthetic and artificial products to suppress our skin’s reaction to the external environment, Black Paint works instead to build the harmony between our skin and nature.

So I received this package a few weeks back and I have been religiously trying it out. The package consists of everything they had and they even gave a pamphlet of the process so I know what are the steps. Thank you for the generous package!

I was excited for this because it is supposed to clean and tighten your pores. So I was REALLY hoping this would work because since my face cleared up last year, I was left with the issue of opened pores. Let me tell you how difficult it is to put on makeup with THAT!

Look at them! How generous! They covered every stage from the beginning to the end. Since it was an intensive skincare process, I use it only at night when I have more time.

Black Paint Soap ($49.90)

This soap, is a huge soap. It is bigger than my palm, I am not kidding. How to use this? I usually soak this soap in a bowl with warm water before I get in the shower. So once I'm in the shower, it is soften and I can proceed with using it. Once soften, just put it all over your face and massage gently for a few minutes before rinsing it off.

The Black Paint soap is of course the main product here. It will remove impurities from your pores because it is made with a slightly alkaline pH level to simulate the effect of alkaline hot spring which is acidic and in return will trigger the skin to restore it's normal balance by releasing more acid. This acid will push out all the dirt in the skin, leaving your skin clean.

After using this, my skin felt softer and indeed, it feels REALLY clean. But a week after, I realised I was breaking out. I guess my skin dislike this. Maybe it was too acidic, I don't know? But I stopped using after 2 weeks and my skin is going back to clear.

Black Konjac Sponge ($14.90)

I have tried konjac sponges before and it helps me remove the dirt and makeup better, I realised. But for a good konjac sponge, it can be a little bit more expensive. A konjac sponge is also something that needs to be soak in water before you can start using it. 

It was recommended to use this after I use my Black Paint Soap. I like it but I realised it only lasts for a short period of time before it starts to break up into tiny pieces, day by day. My previous konjac sponge last for quite some time. And I also left it to dry after using it so I don't know what I did wrong.

Oil Rose Water Lotion ($49.90) and Best Water Toner ($59.90)

Next step is to ensure your face is clean, so you use the Best Water toner. It also hydrates your skin instantly as well as preserve its moisture balance. It has no colour or smell so if you are sensitive, this is one of the toners you should use.

I like how it doesn't feel sticky or oily. You can use this with a facial paper. It feels really cooling on your skin, so this is good for a quick skin pampering session.

Oil Water Rose is used after the toner (you have to shake the bottle so the 2 parts will mix) that helps to tighten the pores as well as treat wounds and redness. This is one of my favourites! It smells of roses although not too strong, so don't worry! Sometimes I pop my pimples (oops) and this helps to quicken the healing process. It does help to tighten the pores a little bit, although not significantly.

Water Cream Moisturiser ($79.90)

This is the other favourite. If you girls know me long enough, you know I HATE moisturisers that are too oily or sticky. I have combination skin so a little bit of oil = A LOT of oil. This moisturiser will turn into water droplets as soon as you rub it onto your skin so it won't leave a sticky residue.

Water Cream Moisturiser is a lavender-scented that will protect your skin from dryness. It contains Morocco's Argan Oil which improves skin metabolism and promotes moisture retention. It is formulated to help dryness due to ageing, global warming and being in an air-conditioned room for too long.

I use this in the morning before makeup as well because it is a great makeup primer! It will act as a protective veil between your skin and makeup.


I stopped using the soap and sponge after 1.5 weeks because it was breaking me out and the sponge was literally falling apart. The rest of the products did pretty well and you have to use it to feel the difference.

My face is more hydrated and smoother. So it is easier to put my makeup on. I wake up with a glowing face too. LOVE IT. I know everything is a little pricey but trust me the products will last you a long time. You can grab these at Takashimaya Basement Level 1, Isetan (West Gate) Basement Level 2 or their online store www.blackpaint.sg.

xx Tiq
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