Alima Pure Satin Matte Foundation

April 26, 2015

Hello girls, I know, I know I haven't been updating but I was just so busy with...well life. I couldn't find time to work on blog posts. I hope most of you follow my Instagram so you can get much more frequent updates there!

Anyway, if you read my blog posts from the start, you know I am always changing my makeup routine. I am very experimental when it comes to this. Most of my girlfriends told me they are so afraid to change products, afraid that it might not suit them. This is why it is important to know your skin type really well. So if you buy something, the odds of loving it is really high.

But, I digress. So I started using Alima Pure Satin Matte Foundation 2 months back, when I was still new at Luxola. I was sick of going to work looking so dead. I needed something quick to put on in the morning. So I was browsing through Luxola and I found this brand, which initially, I wasn't really that interested.

I looked through the reviews and surprisingly, there were a lot of fans. So I searched for more reviews and swatches online to find the right shade for myself. Of course, shopping for foundation is a huge gamble. I chose Beige 4 because I realised, it suits most women with tanned skin.

I really had no high expectation. I hated powder foundation, both pressed and loose because they either make me look cakey or a ghost. So I've been going to liquid foundation a lot but it clogs my pores. As a result, I have to be very consistent in my skincare routine to ensure my skin is healthy.

So I tried it on the following working day. I used it with my mighty Sigma F80 Kabuki Brush. How can you not love it??

I tapped a little bit onto the lid, swirled my brush, tapped off the excess and then apply it to my face in circling motions. I was in my living room, using the huge mirror, under a bright light. What I saw was smooth and flawless skin! And when I say flawless it means no fine lines, no pores, no acne scars shown! My skin was brighter and I look fresher. It looks like second skin. I was blown away.

I am using Beige 4 for those who are wondering. 

It gives a flawless, matte-but-not-too-matte finish and last for the whole day even when you sweat. This is perfect for those who have oily skin like mine. I am always looking for something that won't oxidise much. So this one is by far perfect for me. It's also easier to remove and reapply when I take my wudhu.

I only have one problem with the product, that is the packaging. I had a hard time tapping out products onto the lid at times. And sometimes, when they come out, it's a whole pile and it can be a complete waste if I don't really need it.

I'm now using my second tub. The first one last me for about a month or so. I have learned not to tap out too much cos really, you don't need a lot at a time! 

Price wise, it can be quite pricey, depending on how you look at it. I look at it as an investment for healthier skin, so it's all worth it! It is selling at $42 a pop at Luxola. And they always sell out very fast.

If you ever want to give it a try, google like crazy for swatches to know what shades suit you. Sometimes you might need to mix 2 shades to get something that suits you. Good luck!

xx Tiq
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