What's underneath that scarf?

May 15, 2015

Another hair entry, yay! My non-muslim friends will always ask me this question at least once in their lifetime: How long is your hair? It is so weird. They are so curious with what's underneath. But I like leaving it as a mystery. I will tell them how long but they can only imagine until they see it. It's fun making them guess sometimes!

My hair is in a better condition after I wear the hijab, to be honest. It is less dry, easier to maintain and I love how it is now. I have a few tips in mind to share. I hope it will benefit you as much as it did for me!

1. Don't wash your hair everyday

I stress this every single time someone complain to me about how dry is their hair. Your scalp produce natural oil specially for your hair everyday to keep it moisturised. If you wash it daily, you will remove the natural oil every time it is being produced.

Don't wash it at least one day and you can see the difference. My personal preference is to wash it every 2-3 days, depending on the weather. I know it sounds yucky if you are not used to it. But trust me, you will thank me after a month.

For those wearing a hijab, grab Cool Hijab. I know it's a little pricey but it reduces dandruff and you will soon forget about how it feels like to have itchy, smelly, scalp. Read my Cool Hijab review here to find out more.

2. Your conditioner is only for your hair, not the scalp

The chemicals in the conditioner is to treat your hair. So please don't use it for your scalp. You want to moisturise your tresses. The shampoo will help to clean the scalp.

3. Mane 'n' Tail will lengthen your hair fast

If you want longer hair in no time, Mane N Tail shampoo is the answer. I have been using this for a while and I can really see the results. It might be too drying for some of you so my advice is to just use a conditioner will help to moisturise your hair. You don't have to use Mane N Tail conditioner.

4. Say hello to Tangle Teezer

One of the most difficult issue when you are wearing the hijab is to come home to tangled hair. It's annoying and can be painful if you are not dealing with it properly. I have been using the Tangle Teezer for a month now and I must say, I'm really impressed by how easy it is to remove the tangles in my hair. Just in case you are wondering, it won't ruin your hair.

Read my Tangle Teezer review here to find out more.

5. Skip the chemical treatment

Try not to go for chemical services when it comes to hair. Try to use products that are natural like henna. Don't force chemicals onto your hair. "Treatments" in salon won't really work for some. Some will notice it becomes more dry after the treatment.

I use the Mythic Oil once a week and it gives my hair the right amount of shine. I got this at Mustafa Centre at $20, I think? A bottle can last me a year. It also smells SO good!

I hope these simple tips will help! Good luck girls. 

xx Tiq
2 comments on "What's underneath that scarf? "
  1. hi! aside from hijab, i like to know if u go for any beauty treatments? u have mentioned in ur blog u do have oily skin so wanna know how u took care of your skin. thanks!

    1. Hello, I will do a simple post about this soon! Thank you for your question.


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