Ask Tiq: Part 1

June 12, 2015

Hello my lovely readers! I finally got time to answer questions/comments. So these are 5 of the chosen questions. You can send your questions here:

Hello Tiq! Please post more of your make up tutorials and also hijab tutorials! Will you? ... Pretty please!

Hello! Yes, when I have more time because currently, I have absolutely no time at all.

Salam. Just wondering if you have tried Duck's Peachskin and Bamboo Cotton range? And if you have, does it stay in place and is it suitable/convenient for everyday wear? Really appreciate your reply. Jazakillah Khair :)

Wasalam! I have tried Peachskin. It's softer and I would say requires a lot of pins. I don't wear them daily because it's troublesome for me when I need to take the wudhu.


Where you buy your grey dress which you posted on insta to promote the black bag ? :)
The grey and white dress? From Bali.

I just started wearing the hijab and seeing your outfits on Instagram got me wondering how can you pair up such gorgeous outfits together and still look so fresh when you pose for the camera. Can you share some tips with me because i sweat a lot and its so uncomfortable and it doesn't help much that i bring a mini-fan whenever I'm outside. Thank you so much.
Firstly, congratulations!

Oh, you have NO idea girl. I sweat a lot! Usually before I pose for the camera, I blot my face so I look fresher. I personally think it takes a while to get used to the heat and sweat. Try wearing a chiffon hijab. I like that better than viscose because it is so so much cooler.


Have u heard of the skincare brand Dermagold? Are the products good and suitable?
I'm so sorry, haven't heard of Dermagold. :(

xx Tiq
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