[ADVERTORIAL] Colourblock Maxi Dress

July 06, 2015

Photos by: Zulhilmi

(Colourblock Maxi Dress by f8te / Leather Jacket from Forever21 / Shawl from Geylang Market / Bag by GSEWS / Heart Shape Sunglasses from Thatfinelady / Sandals by Rubi Shoes)

Imagine my delight when I saw the box that was specially hand delivered by the beautiful founder of f8te herself, Fatiha. It was beautifully wrapped with a white ribbon which made it harder for me to just tear open the box. I'm a sucker for wrapped mails. :(

The Colourblock Maxi Dress is made of bridal satin which is not your usual satin dresses. As the name suggests, it is usually use for wedding dresses. So you can imagine how elegant is the dress. It is thick, heavy but at the same time it's softness and shine adds glam to the dress. It clings to your body for that perfect silhouette.

I paired the look with a leather jacket to add a little bit of that biker chic element. Been wearing too much dresses lately and I'm not used to that! Oh yes, and the little superstar you see in the photo? I called her when I saw her to give her a pat. After rubbing herself to my skirt, she saw my fiance taking a photo and posed. She's so sassy!

The last 10 days of Ramadhan is finally here and I hope you have prepared yourself earlier for this. It's a good time to forgive, forget and focus on our deen. With that being said, I hope all my shortcomings (both online and offline) will be forgiven! Till the next post girls.

xx Tiq
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