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November 16, 2015

Pancakes is a very well-behaved cat but since she's a Flat-Faced Long Hair Persian cat, she can be quite a hassle to groom. I swear I can find a new section of matted fur every single day. Also, since she is a Persian, she tears quite a lot and if we don't wipe her eyes daily, it will get terribly stained.

Cats are generally clean freaks so they know how to groom themselves daily but sometimes we need to step in and help them. There are certain areas of their body that they can't groom. Also, the thing about white cats is that your house needs to be dust-free or it will make her fur turn slightly grey. I can tell you my house is not dust-free 24/7, so I try to send her for grooming every 3 months just to trim her fur and let her get a good bath.

D'Edens of Cats is a one stop for all your feline needs. They offer a variety of cat products, grooming and even transportation. Last Sunday, I had a chance to send Pancakes for her trimonthly grooming session there. She did basic grooming which included nail clipping, ear clean, paws and sanitary area trimming as well as a bath.

Above is their resident Bengal cat. It was standing on top of a pile of cat litter packs near the door when I came in. It's as if it was welcoming every customer that came in that day. It's so cute!

Before I start, I have to give a huge round of applause to Wan and Ayu for tolerating Princess Pancakes' diva needs. In general, Pancakes is an easy to groom as compared to other cats but she hates it when strangers touch some spots such as her butt and paws.

Here is unhappy Pancakes on the grooming table. She knew what she was getting into so she was curling herself up, trying to warn people not to touch her. She was also hissing a lot that day. Not only at strangers but also my sister and myself. Apparently, Wan told me that the cats that they groomed that day were all grumpy and if the first cat is grumpy, all cats will be grumpy. It's like there is some sort of negative cat vibes thing going on. But the groomers were really patient with her and I was impressed by how they handled her.

They started off by cleaning her ears. I try to clean her ears every week because I have seen how disgusting it can get if I don't do it after 2 weeks. It is also encouraged to prevent ear mites. She had a flea issue last year and I can't bear looking at her scratching her neck and ears like crazy every minute. They also brushed and trimmed her fur. I requested for a good trim around her butt area because cleaning up poo stuck on her fur is not a fun thing to do.

After all that trimming and brushing, they bathe her. "What are you doing to me, Kakak?" is written all over her face. I would say she hates water but that day she was the calmest in the sink. It was odd. But maybe Ayu just know what she was doing! They used a special whitening shampoo which smells like baby powder.

I guess I have more reason to bury my face into her fur! The best part is, I can still smell it today.

So after that, they dry her up by putting her into a huge cage and hanging a vacuum by the side. I find this the most effective way because their fur takes super long to dry and cats HATE the blow dryer so much. I know some cats will start scratching and hissing the moment they hear the blow dryer. Like I mentioned, it's not easy to groom cats. It takes a lot of patience and willpower.

Here is my little diva doing the last bit of drying. You can see how cleaner she looks as compared to the first photo of her. After all that, they wiped her eyes and put some powder on her face and she was good to go!

For those who are interested to bring their cats for a grooming session at D'Edens of Cats, here are their packages:

Basic Grooming ($80)

  • Bath
  • Nail clipping
  • Ear cleaning
  • Paws and sanitary areas trimming

Full Grooming ($100)

  • Everything in Basic Grooming
  • Trimming
  • De-shedding

Ala Carte $10

There is a special promo going on right now which is 5 session of full grooming session for just $400! I think that is pretty reasonable. 

Also, specially for my blog readers, you can quote my name for a 5% discount for any purchase of $100, which is inclusive of delivery orders too. Only valid till 26th December 2015. Yes, they do deliver to your house so you don't have to get out of your house for the lazy bums! 

They are located at Blk 442 Jurong West Avenue 1 #01-750, Singapore 640442 and they open on Tuesday to Sunday from 11am to 9pm. Give them a call at 9745 8986 for any questions or bookings.

Special thanks to Hid for arranging this for us. Finally got a chance to properly meet up with Little Zahraa! Also thanks to Wan and Ayu for your patience handling Pancakes! I'll come back again for the next grooming session!

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