Yoga X Art Workshop

November 02, 2015

Colouring Book by Coloursutra, Kale Tales by Hic Juice, Berry Chio by Oatrageous.

So last Saturday, I was invited to join a workshop organized by Fitness For Muslimah called the Yoga x Art Workshop. As the name suggests, it's a workshop that has 2 parts to it - a yoga class and an art workshop. Some of you guys might know that it has been a stressful period for me and the workshop happened at the perfect time. I was excited to stretch and relax for a day.

The workshop was held at One Heart which is located at 37 Tembeling Road. It is a shophouse that serves as a place for fitness events. The first time I entered One Heart I was in awe by how calming the space felt. The waterfall, the little garden, the smell of essence oil and the whole vibe it was giving out! I made a mental note to make my future house look like this because I don't mind coming home to this everyday.

The day started early for me because I came for the first session which starts at 10am. Dressed in my Fitness For Muslimah peplum, I was so ready for a good workout. When I came, the vendors were setting up for the day. Yes, there was a mini flea market! By 9am, the participants started to walk in and the place was buzzing with people.

The first workshop I had was the Art Workshop hosted by Sofy Rahman the author of the adult colouring book, Coloursutra. Before we started the workshop, we were told to close our eyes and think of someone significant, someone we have a memory with. Once we were done, we were to paint a simple Mandala and imagine gifting it to the person you thought about earlier.

The last time I did art was in secondary school and I have totally forgotten how therapeutic painting is. For a good 20 mins, I was in my own world, drawing only God knows what! I should do it often. Sofy also gave us her Coloursutra book and I think I should grab some paint and start on it soon.

After the art workshop, we went to the 2nd level to do our yoga. The yoga workshop was conducted by Nura, a very experienced yoga instructor and a good friend of mine. For 30 mins, all we did was stretch and do a lot of deep breathing. With the scent of essence oil and the calm, soft music in the background, I could actually sleep. It was such an amazing experience for my body and soul. I was telling Nura how my thighs were still vibrating 45 mins after the class!

At the end of the class, we received a bottle of Hic Juice! I received Kale Tales and my first reaction was, "ew, this will suck." But surprisingly, it tasted really good. It was a mix of cucumber, apple, coconut water and of course, kale and it was a perfect refreshment after doing yoga.

The ladies from One Heart prepared for us a lot of delicious food. I got myself their Soba Salad which had tempeh in it. It was an odd mix but delicious! I also tasted their Dark Chocolate Cheesecake which looks really sinful but they reassured me it was dark chocolate and they replaced the flour with tonnes of oatmeal. I might try to recreate these dishes!

And that was my perfect, relaxing Saturday thanks to Fitness For Muslimah! Till the next post!

xx Tiq
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