Welcoming 2016

January 09, 2016

(Qarina Silk Kurung by Qyra Younaz from Damalee Signatures / Soho Micro by Sometime x Poplook / Wedges by Rubi )

It's already the 9th day of the year? I am really amazed by how time flies. At some point of time, you just want things to slow down. I am left with x months till the big day. I am excited but nervous at the same time. But...enough about that! Will tell you more when the date is nearer.

Recently, I was invited to Adrianna Yariqa's Gala Night and man, I had a blast! Siti Nordiana was there which left Zul starstruck the whole time. I met some familiar faces and the food was delicious! Raintr33 Hotel was such an amazing place too. Congrats to Saidatul Amin on your win. You deserve it!

These few days were so busy for me. Wait, let me take that back. I've been so busy since Sephora acquired Luxola! It's just a lot of sweat, tears, laughter and lack of sleep. But every time we have a new brand up on site, it feels so so worth it. Then we see all the nice comments from our customers on our social media platforms, it's so heartwarming to know there are a lot of people who appreciate what we are doing.

It's like every time I feel like I hate my job, something pulls me back in. But I guess that is life right? At times you feel like you're on top of the world and on some days, you feel like you're underneath a pile of dirt, so deep you can't see any light. Change is the only constant.

I know I keep saying this but time flies so fast when you're an adult. It's been a year since I've been with Luxola. I feel like it was just yesterday that I got an email from my boss telling me the position is open again and she would like to know if I was still interested. I was in the office at my previous job when I saw the email. It took me a lot to cover up my excitement and all I could do was smile quietly to myself and texted Zul.

And here I am now, a year after. Can't wait to see what 2016 has instore for me! Hold on to those positive vibes, everyone. You will need it.

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