February 14, 2016

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You know I've been thinking about this topic for a while. A few days back, someone told me I needed to find my own style/identity. At 25, you would think this shouldn't bug me. It does, honestly. But you know what? It's not a bad thing.

When things like this affect me, it makes me reflect. It makes me grow and develop what people call, my identity. I thought, right now, after living for a quarter of a century, I should know what and who I am. But no, everyone is struggling and that's okay. That girl who has 500k followers on IG? She's struggling to find herself. That woman who has a rich husband and beautiful kids? Well, she's struggling too. Who knows?

I will be wearing makeup, being myself, doing what I love and people will be telling me that I am a hijabi, I can't wear makeup because it's attention-seeking. Then I'll wear boys clothes and people will tell me I need to find my own style and identity. I can't be wearing what other girls are wearing, I'll be labeled a copycat.

At the end of the day, no one can tell us where we should go or what we should do. In life, you will meet people here and there who will tell you that there is something wrong with you. You take that in, process it, talk about it and then use it to work on yourself and your identity. Just remember that everyone is different. No one is a duplicate of anyone.
Let me quote a friend:
Identity is for ourselves to define, I can't stress enough on this, others may interpret it differently and you must ALLOW it. 
To the end this post, let me say I allow your definition of identity. Just take note, it might be different from mine. No matter what you say, I'll keep my identity because this is me. I'll keep evolving to be a better person. Keep that positive vibes going, ladies!
2 comments on "Identity"
  1. You really made a post for it. Indeed, as long as we have our own finger print, then we have an identity. -_-

    Kai /

    1. I just thought maybe someone who is going through a REAL and serious identity crisis might need this. Hahah. True everyone is just different.


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