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February 09, 2016

Working at Sephora Digital gives me access to thousands of beauty products. I have a bunch of them and some are still in the packaging! It sounds really fun to get free products but sometimes it can be overwhelming. And I have to make sure to do some intense research before I start using them. I remember how my skin started to get rashes when I tried a cream that claimed to clear up acne scars. I had to go through a week with dried up skin. Horrifying experience.

I've known This Works for a while now and have always been a fan of their products. A little bit expensive but quality and results can be seen. The latest products I tried were from their Light Time Range. I needed an eye cream but my colleague passed me the Cleanse & Glow tube to try.

When I saw it, I was a bit confused of it's purpose. Is this a moisturiser, a cleanser or a makeup remover? Turned out it's a cleanser that helps to brighten up tired skin and boost moisture. I figured that it's a good cleanser to use in the morning to perk my skin up real quick.

Directions: Massage into dry skin on face and neck, dampen fingers and continue to massage skin to activate Vitamin C for 1 minute. Can be left on for up to 10 minutes for more intensive action. Rinse off thoroughly. Cautions: For sensitive skin limit application to 1 minute . For adults only, keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes. For external use only.
Umm okay. Now it's even more confusing. I've never seen such a cleanser. So I decided to give it a try one weekend and left it for like 1 minute and washed it off. The moment I opened up the cap, I could smell citrus. The texture on the cream is a little bit like a peel. There is something that will exfoliate your skin real good like tiny beads. I thought I was be screaming if I put some on my face but it just gave off a little bit of tingly sensation but nothing crazy.

After I massaged it for another minute, I washed my face and dang, my skin looked like I just had 12 hours of sleep. It was pretty intense. So now it's my morning cleanser! It helps when you only had like 4 hours of sleep the night before.

At the age of 25, I have to care for my eyes even more now. Open Eyes contains Vitamin-rich algae to tighten, revitalising Persian Silk Tree extract, soothing Aloe Vera and Argan Oil to hydrate eyes on waking.

I use this before going to sleep and wake up with my eyes looking fresher. It's really cooling too! I like the metal applicator that helps to massage the product into my skin. So you don't have to worry about residue or getting a separate eye massager.

I'm hoping this will help in the long run. For now, it's just a good eye cream to help freshen up and moisturise my undereye.
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