Syomirizwa Gupta Cruise '16 Collection

April 03, 2016

I was honoured to be invited to Syomirizwa Gupta Cruise '16 Collection the other day at the latest and coolest local boutique in town, En Pointe & Co. What a lovely, lovely space! I'm always up to support local brands because who else will support these talents if not us?

I'm pretty sure most of you have heard of Syomirizwa Gupta before because this man needs no introduction at all. But if you must know, he is one of the most talented designer from Malaysia who started in 2002. He is always playing with colours, lines and structures in his designs. I briefly met him last year for his Raya Collection showcase. So I am glad to be there when he decided to showcase his latest collection!


The collection was inspired by the famous painter and cultural icon, Frida Kahlo. As you can see, this collection is all about colours and prints. The main focus of this collection is not only that but also the fact that these designs can be layered on top of each other, creating a totally different look every time.

Featured are some of my favourites from the collection. Aren't they all perfect?! Do take note that most of these are sold individually so you have complete freedom to put them together. I am eyeing on a few of the design. I MIGHT have submitted my name for preorder but I mean, there's no harm!

For more information, visit En Pointe & Co or Syomirizwa Gupta!
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