ZALORA Style Awards & ZALIA showcase

April 17, 2016

(Rope Pario Dress from Lily Petuna / Clutch from Charles & Keith / Heels from JRunway)

Man, I wish I have all the time in the world to blog. I know people are still reading this space and it makes me motivated to blog more but I swear my life is so hectic. I have plans every single day after work. It's either yoga, catching up with friends or just dinner with my fiance. How did I get all that energy? I have no idea.

I was invited to ZALORA Style Awards and ZALIA Showcase last Thursday. Coincidentally, it fell on the same day I took out the stitches on my gums. So I decided, why not just go? For those who didn't know, I had a surgery last week to remove a wisdom tooth. It was less painful I thought it would be. I'll probably do an entry on this!

Also fell on Zul's birthday so of course I had to bring him!

It was held at CATO Singapore, one of the latest restaurant and bar in town. I knew I'll bump into some familiar faces, so I was totally looking forward to it. Plus, I knew which dress to wear on that particular day. It's pretty, isn't it? When I first received it, I was so confused as to how the dress works. Apparently, it comes with a layer for you to wear underneath the robe. The layer was sleeveless though. So I had to wear a basic long-sleeved inner underneath. THANK GOD FOR UNIQLO BASICS. I would have sweat buckets if I were to wear something else.

Been trying hard to document my makeup looks on more frequently. I should be more proud of my artwork, I feel. Makeup is what I love doing. I suck at art, I don't feel great doing it but when it comes to makeup, blending the shadows together, adding a touch of highlighter, choosing a good lip stick, puts me in a happy place. So here's a look I did for the showcase!

I hope you all enjoyed this. I'm thinking really hard if I should do tutorials. Maybe mini ones? 

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  1. YES makeup tutorial pls & also this was the first time I met you hehe^^


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