No One Has Become Poor From Giving

June 14, 2016
Ramadan Mubarak! Alhamdulillah, we get to meet this year's special month. I hope it has been going smoothly for all of you who reads this! This year is pretty meaningful for me because it will be the last Ramadhan I will be experiencing as a single woman. That's pretty intense, I know.

I haven't been blogging because I'm always on IG, Snapchat and Dayre these days. You guys should check out Dayre, it's the real definition of micro-blogging, I believe. It's really so much easier. I wish Blogger has an app where I can post easily so I can blog on the go. At times, I don't really have time to sit in front of my laptop, typing my life away. So Dayre is where I can 'blog' a little bit.

I've been browsing through pages and pages of donation sites and I was thinking, why not do a blog post on this. I did one a few years back for Syria. I just want this to be a post for people to refer to this Ramadan when they want to make a donation.

1. Eiding The Feast 2016

First up is Eiding The Feast! It is an annual charity food bazaar that aims to sponsor iftar meals for children's homes. This is happening just this Saturday and I'm pretty excited to see all the bakes! Hope to see you there.

2. Hari Raya Goodies by Sir Bakealot

Just paying $99, you get 10 types of raya goodies and the amount you paid will go the orphanage Rumah AnakKesayanganku. The best part is, these are baked by the orphans themselves! You can make your order here:

3. Muslim Aid

They have various campaigns you can donate to at Muslim Aid and this is why I love this site! You can choose to provide a family with a month's supply of food for iftar and sahur or sponsor a child so you can ensure that a child receives all the support.

4. Fundraiser for the family of Mdm Rohaya

If you read the news recently, you will know about this man who passed away while on the way to buy groceries for his family in JB. He was the sole breadwinner and right now his family needs some help. If you can, please donate through this fundraiser.

May Allah bless your kind hearts. InsyaAllah by donating, it will make our Ramadan even more meaningful.
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