Part 1: Documenting #TheZulTiqWedding: How We Met?

July 08, 2016

Well, well, well. Finally, I decided to sit down and write down a proper entry. I did a small update on this a few weeks back on my Dayre. But here's a proper one!

But why am I writing this, you may ask? Well, it is never easy to plan a wedding. Time, money, decision-making, outside factors etc etc. I'm writing this for the brides-to-be (and the Grooms-to-be too). I just hope, somehow, you will learn something from these entries. Also, I want to document every, single detail of the planning. I'm going to miss this when everything is over.

So before I start the wedding part, I'm sure some of you might want to know how we met?

Well Zul and I were good friends right from the beginning when we were both studying in ITE. We used to hang out near my house with a few friends, talking about silly things, eating lots of doughnuts and sushi and sharing a cup of big gulp. He would borrow my iTouch just to beat my score at some game and to make fun of me because I actually put all the lyrics to the songs in my playlist. Yes, he was THAT annoying guy friend.

At the same time, he was this simple, funny guy who was never serious and I guess before we both knew it, we started having feelings for each other. It was complicated at first because we were really good friends and obviously something like this can be toxic if it doesn't go well.

To be honest, we did try to stay away from each other for a while because we both thought it would be a bad idea. But I remember one day, after not seeing each other for a few days, when I was working at this CD store when suddenly someone came to me from the back and asked, "excuse me miss..." and when I turned around, there he was with his silly smile.

When we finally got together in July, took us a few months before we brought each other to the family dinners. We weren't rushing anything, we took everything slowly and just enjoying the time we have with each other.

In 2014, slightly before he graduated from school, I asked where we were going in this relationship. We both had a talk and then voiced out to both our parents and decided to get engaged. Just a small one between both families. You can read about our engagement here.

So after getting engaged for 9 months, we were finally on the way to planning our special day. It took us so long because we weren't sure, initially. We were going to sign the lease and that itself costs us money. We weren't offered the grant. None of us had at least 1 year full-time job experience, so we are relying only on our CPF and the rest is cash. Alhamdulillah, we thought we were making a silly, rushed decision to get a house so soon with our current financial status but everything is going so well. Our parents were so supportive and that matters the most to us. And we won't give up the house because it is between our parents' houses. Yes, we were so lucky to get such a location so how can we let go of it?

It is truly amazing when we are working towards something halal, Allah will help us and keep the journey as smooth as possible. So when people tell me I was getting married too fast I will just say, emotionally, both of us were ready. We both knew this is the right decision.

If you are ready, then you are ready. It's as simple as that.

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