Part 3: Documenting The #TheZulTiqWedding: A New Chapter

September 16, 2016

Where do I begin? Well, 2 weeks ago I was a single lady and now I am someone's wife. I was so busy with the preps, it was literally a second job for me. We didn't hire a wedding planner so everything was planned by us, with the support of our families and friends. Which to be honest, made everything much much meaningful.

My sleepless nights started on the 1st of September when I got my henna done at night. So no, I didn't get proper sleep because henna + sleeping on the floor wasn't really comfortable. But my henna artist, Adorned SG did a pretty good job to ensure I didn't stain anything - she bandaged both my hands and feet. I had it on for 6-7 hours before scraping it off and it was already quite red by then.

On 2nd September, my bridesmaids and I started our day early to check in to the hotel and run errands. I am thankful for these girls. They did their job so well from the very beginning till the end of the event day. I don't know what I would do without them. I guess, there's no reason for any salty photographer to comment on my bridesmaids not doing their job, I guess? HAHA.

My Mak Andam told me my bridesmaids are all pretty and I was like duh? Of course my girlfriends are gorgeous!!! Look at them??

I wish I have proper photos right now but we are still waiting for the high res photos from our official photographer, The Vanilla Project, who did an amazing job, by the way! If you follow me on social media, there was a live update by them and I was so excited for it! I had a few people who couldn't make it to my wedding so they relied on my Instagram. It was such an important add-on for me.

I will be blogging more on it when I have more photos! So for those who were asking me who my vendors were, just stay tune, I will answer the questions soon. I am so proud of our vendors/sponsors, really, I wish I can hug each and everyone of them. We made the right choice to engage each and every one of them. All those hours of research was worth it.

For those who have sent well wishes, thank you so so much.

2 comments on "Part 3: Documenting The #TheZulTiqWedding: A New Chapter"
  1. So happy for your new life now.. All the pictures are so nice!

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