Grey Skies

November 03, 2016

(Raglan Maxi Dress from Faroshah)

The weather in Singapore has been rather gloomy lately - it's all thunder and rain. To be honest, I really don't mind. It makes my morning so much better. I wake up, grab some coffee and get to the office without getting all sweaty. It also means I have more reason to wear that jumper out. I love it!

I'm super glad my sinus and asthma has slowed down a little bit. I used to wake up wheezing with a dripping nose and a headache caused by non-stop sneezing. Especially on cold mornings!

I remember when I was 7, I was walking to school with my father on a typical weekday while coughing and sneezing. That was the time my asthma was at it's peak. I arrived in front of the school gate, kissed my dad's hands and tried to go to the parade square but halfway, I turned back and ran to my father, crying. I told him I couldn't take it. He took me home and I rested the whole day after taking some meds. That was one of my most painful experiences in life.

This is why I am sensitive to cigarette smoke too. I hate it so much because once it enters my lungs, I won't be able to sleep the whole night. And people thought I was just being annoying.

But I'm better now and I love cold days because when you take photos, they look amazing! It also helps that I have a husband who knows how to take good photos. Hehe.

Speaking of my husband, he owns a bunch of raglan tees and I used to love them a lot during my pre-hijab days but for obvious reasons, I can't really wear them anymore. I've been searching for something that I can wear with my hijab when I found out Faroshah was selling a dress version!

My dream came true!

And the best part is that we can customize to our size and most importantly, our preferred length. Like for me, I prefer it to be at least a little bit shorter so it will look with a pair of Adidas Stan Smith which was exactly what I paired my outfit with.

I also need to mention their amazing material. It's the perfect dress if you are planning to go catch a movie or have a coffee date with your girlfriends because it's a little bit thick. So if you sweat easily, you might not want to wear this for a picnic.

Because I feel every girl needs this in her closet, of course I have to share this discount code with you. Just include this when you check out to get a special discount:


To shop, check out the links below:


Just a little shoutout, there are so many great events happening this weekend and I might drop by because I hate being trapped at home and waste my weekends away. If you're like me, I'll see you there I guess?

Home Flea (Selling my pre-loved clothes too!)
5 November 2016
322 Yishun Central

Kaifiyyah Women of Haya Modest Event
 5-6 November 2016
Aliwal Arts Centre

3 comments on "Grey Skies"
  1. Love your outfit! Nice that you pair your dark red hijab with the grey outfit perfectly. xo

    1. Thank you! I didn't want my outfit to be too monotonous so I had to add a little bit of colours!

  2. Your profile picture looks so gorgeous! You really good at make up!


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