Part 4: Documenting The #TheZulTiqWedding: Venue, Decoration & Food

December 04, 2016

So it's been 3 months since my wedding and I miss it so much! It's amazing how I feel this way because I wanted to get over it badly back then. It was so tiring, wedding planning actually felt like a second job. It wasn't just sucking my life away, it was also emotionally taxing. I can't remember how many times I cried. But I swear, all those blood and tears proved to be worthwhile after I saw how smoothly every went on my wedding day.

On the eve of my wedding, Zul was at the venue early to make sure everything was in order while I was running some last minute errands with my bridesmaids. My father was there too and they kept sending me photos of the venue, I couldn't focus because I was so excited! It turned out better than expected!

We came across Toa Payoh Town Park last year while browsing decor vendors and saw someone doing their wedding there. Coincidentally, it was the wedding of our caterer's daughter. So we had all the details we needed. And I was already so in love with the venue, I didn't even bother looking elsewhere.

You can book the venue through NParks. There are many parks to choose from but for Toa Payoh Town Park, it's free. We have ours at the pavilion, so we only added a small tentage for the buffet. The weather was fortunately, beautiful. The sky was blue and it was a little windy. A week before my wedding, the haze started but alhamdulillah, the sky was clear on our wedding day!

There are of course, a few disadvantages such as, you need an external generator because there is no electricity, you can't do any washing of dishes there and you can't cook either.

Fortunately for us, our caterer lived just opposite of the park. So for any BTBs who are interested to have Toa Payoh Town Park as your wedding venue, just be sure you have someone who lives nearby that can book a void deck for you. Because apparently, you need to live in that estate to book a void deck.

We also had to book a hotel room for me to change. I chose Days Hotel because it was 10 minutes away from the venue. BUT CAN WE JUST LOOK AT HOW BEAUTIFUL THE PARK IS??

For our decoration, we engaged WEDDING by S.H.A.F. and you can get in touch with them through Qyra Design. They are quick in replies and knows exactly what they want. They've been in the business for years so they are VERY experienced.

The theme was Malay Tea Party, I would call it. I wanted the kampung vibes and the greenery surrounding it to be blended together. Pastel, as many people know are my favourites, so that's why I chose white, pink and gold to be the main colours.

The dais was a dream. I wanted an open concept dais because I didn't want the background which is filled with bougainvilleas to go to waste. I was really satisfied with it. I wish I could keep it in my room!

Food was amazing too! Our caterer is Hajjah Fatimah Catering. Zul's relatives have been using his services for years. He is reliable and pretty reasonable in terms of pricing. Unfortunately, he doesn't have a Facebook page. If you need his contacts please email me.

I had to add on sambal goreng pengantin because seriously, that is the number one dish you need at a wedding. Every time I go to a wedding, that's the dish I end up eating a lot. We also added a variety of what we usually call the 'pasar malam' drinks. We had quite a variety and it helped cool down the guests in the hot weather.

Alhamdulillah, we managed to finish up every bit of food so there was no wastage! Sometimes, even after you pack the food for the relatives to bring home, it will end up bad by the end of the night. That was one of my worries because I hate food wastage so much. So when I asked for a drink by the end of the day and my Mak Andam said, everything is gone, I was thankful.

Okay, so that is all for today's post. Watch out for the next one, I will focus on the bridal and henna!

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