[ADVERTORIAL] Yoga Before You Push!

August 14, 2017

Wow it's been months since my last post and one of the reasons for the lack of updates is because I was heavily pregnant and now a mother. Yes, if you follow my Instagram, I gave birth last month to Raheel Zayan! It was definitely an interesting experience that I will never forget. And now I am taking one day at a time, trying to get to know my son and be the best mother for him. May Allah ease!

I was in the labour room for about 6 hours before I gave birth and to be honest, it was shorter than I have imagined. I have to thank the crazy amount of walks (especially when I was in Seoul!), the birth workshops and talks I attended and of course, prenatal yoga!

I have been a fan of Nura's for a while now and met her at past Lifestyle For The Active Muslimah events. I'm pretty sure a lot of you would have heard of her. I started joining her yoga classes last year and it was such a refreshing after work 'me time'!

So when I found out that I was pregnant, she was actually one of the first few friends I broke the news too. I just had to share it with her because I know she is full of knowledge when it comes to pregnancy and gentle birth! She actually guided me throughout my whole pregnancy and I don't know what I would do without her. 

Naturally, I had to join her prenatal yoga class. I know a lot of ladies have doubts on the benefits of yoga. Especially during pregnancy. Is it even safe? I just have to share why I love it so much. You know I will never share something I don't believe in. Whatever I share below are my own experiences and it might be different for you, but it will definitely benefit you one way or another.

Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Trust me, the endless stress I felt towards the end of my pregnancy was not a joke. It's just funny how the world works because all the problems come at the same time. When you add pregnancy hormones to the equation, it gets worse. So every Saturday was when I get some time off, even if it's just a 60 minutes session. 

Decrease Lower Back Pain

A week before I went to Seoul, I had this annoying back pain which shoots all the way down to my right foot. I was limping and everyone was asking if I was even fit to go to work. I went for a yoga session and although it didn't totally eliminate the pain, I definitely felt better after. I was even more confident to go for the trip.

Increase My Strength

I was lucky that I didn't experience any morning sickness throughout the whole pregnancy but in my third trimester, I was quite weak. I fell sick quite often and emotionally, I was not doing well too. I have to thank my understanding boss because she allowed to me work from home quite a lot. But still, after applying some yoga techniques I learnt from Nura's classes, I found some strength to try my best to lead a normal life!

Less Sleepless Nights

You will learn some easy breathing techniques in yoga and you should apply this when you can't go to sleep! I know it can be difficult to sleep when you are pregnant. I was also introduced to essential oils at Nura's classes! Essential oils were a big part of my pregnancy journey and helped me a lot during the sleepless nights. They even help my husband!

Preparation for Labour

The yoga poses I was taught helped to encourage dilation, strengthened my pelvic muscles and increased flexibility. There are of course a lot more benefits than what I mentioned and they will all help the labour process to be faster and smoother. 

I am not saying yoga will make childbirth less painful because pain is subjective. Everyone have different levels of pain tolerance. But yoga will prepare you and your body so when it happens, you will know what to do. Once you panic, nothing gets better.

Besides the knowledge I learnt in Nura's classes, I also got to meet fellow mummies. When you're pregnant, make sure you are surrounded by women who are going through the same thing. Sometimes, even your husbands won't understand your excitement and pain in your pregnancy journey.

Just a note to fellow mummies, before you join yoga classes, please make sure you do a little background check on the instructor! Nura is definitely a certified prenatal/postnatal yoga teacher, birth doula and childbirth educator so she definitely knows what she's doing! If in doubt, don't hesitate to check out her credentials here.

Okay, now that I have listed all the benefits of prenatal yoga, here's the fun part! If you sign up for the yoga classes, you will also receive an exclusive ebook specially created by Nura! In this ebook, you can see all the yoga poses so if you forget any (because pregnancy brain!!) you can just refer back to the ebook. 

The ebook is also filled with a bunch of childbirth topics such as gentle birth, benefits of essential oils, the different birthing positions and even a little bit on the fourth trimester. You can even see me doing some sexy yoga poses in the ebook!

I highly encourage mummies to join these classes and see the benefits for yourself. Currently, there are slots for upcoming September/October classes. They fill up really fast, so if you are interested, do sign up as soon as you can!

Sign up here
Use 'BIRTIQHING' for a 10% off!

For more updates, don't forget to follow Nura on her yoga journey on Instagram!
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