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January 14, 2018

Happy 2018! Time really flies when you are super busy. After the birth of Raheel, I barely had time for myself. I am back to work since November which means my only me-time is when I am in the office. Alhamdulillah, Raheel just turned 6 months, which means, I can slot in some gym time, a date with the husband and so much more!

One of the things I managed to do recently is going to a flower arrangement workshop by A Better Florist! I have been dying to join one and when I saw the opportunity, I had to go!

Before I came, I thought hey, how difficult could a flower arrangement class gets? I definitely did not know what I was saying. It was not easy, you need to know who you are gifting this flower to and what is the occasion. 

The workshop was 2 hours long and I wish it was longer because I was having too much fun. There were so many tips that was being shared. Not just about arrangement but also flower care. 

We were playing with mainly Chimeras and baby's breath and they are so soft and fragile and I think I broke 2 Chimeras while trying to arrange them and had to replace them with roses. Ooops. I told you it is not easy!

What I like about this workshop is that it's a small class so the instructor will be able to go to each student and check on their bouquet and give tips and suggestions. I was obviously trying to copy whatever the instructor was showing me because I knew nuts. You only need one type of flower that will stand out, the rest are just fillers. Over here, he was showing me how to arrange it so the Chimeras will be the main focus.

I love my end product although I probably only did 30% of it. If your new years resolution is to learn something new, check out their site below! 

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