A Dozen Roses

March 15, 2019

A few weeks back I was gifted some pretty roses from Roses Only and for those who know me knows how much I love flowers! They are such a pretty piece to add to your home. Can you see how tall are these babies? Just get a clear tall vase from Ikea and you are good to go!

Roses Only is a family business dedicated to sourcing the world's finest long stem Roses; personally delivered to you, for the moments that count. These long-stemmed roses are nurtured by the worlds best growers in the Ecuadorian mountains. Each rose reaches an impressive 65cm in length within their 15-week growing period before being distinguished by colour and character. Each stem is then carefully arrayed in their elegant, signature gift boxes which, never fail to secure a transcendent first impression.

They have a wide variety of colours and roses for different occasions so you can pick and choose whichever you prefer. They even have a rainbow roses!

Check out their recent feature on The Ellen Show!

They offer same day delivery if you order by 5pm on weekdays or 12pm on weekends. Get 10% off your first purchase by just signing up for their mailing list. Time to surprise your loved ones!

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