[ADVERTORIAL] La Vie Aesthetics - First Teeth Whitening Experience

April 22, 2019

2 weeks ago, I was invited to try out SparkleSmile Teeth, a teeth whitening service by La Vie Aesthetics. I'm sure you have seen the whitening strips before and I actually wanted to try it. But while I was doing my research recently, I actually found out that it caused teeth sensitivity for some people. So I was on the fence and decided to hold it off until I was really ready.

So when La Vie Aesthetics reached out to let me try this service, I jumped on the chance. Of course I asked if it was safe for prenant ladies/breastfeeding mummies and was excited when they said yes! It is non-invasive, painless and safe. It is effective for all tooth stains created by coffee, smoking, food and medication.

Before we started the treatment, I needed to fill up a one page form, mostly to inform them of my if I consume a lot of coffee or alcohol and if I have ever injured my teeth before. Then I was briefed on the process - how fast I should see changes, what to do/avoid before and after treatment etc.

The Bleaching Shade Guide above is how you find out what's your teeth shade and a comparison will be done after the treatment too. Initially I was between S16-S20. For your info, you can see a difference of up to 8 shades lighter in just one session!

Before the session, you will have to brush your teeth to ensure that there are no food stuck in between your teeth. To make it easier for them, I removed my lipstick before I begin too. They will apply lip balm and a gum protector before they apply the non-peroxide teeth whitening gel. After that, they will turn on the LED and put it near your mouth to let the gel work it's magic. The whole procedure takes about 30-45 minutes.


So after the whole treatment, I managed to see a difference of 3-4 shades lighter! Well, they did mention that to begin with, my teeth were not really that bad. You can see a lot of difference only if it's pretty bad. Overall, I was quite satisfied with the results! Now I just need to learn how to maintain this and go to their sessions monthly.

They are having a promotion for new customers. For $168, you get to try and see amazing results. So why not? Just head to this link or click on the poster below to sign up for a session. 

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